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Elder William E. McMillan, Jr. is saved, sanctified, and filled with the precious gift of the HOLY GHOST. On July 11, 1979 after many trails, tribulations, and close encounters with death Elder McMillan realized he had been chosen to do a work for GOD, and for the past 28 years he has pursed the calling on his life in the service of the LORD. He served as the Jurisdictional Youth President Greater Maryland First Jurisdiction. He currently serves as chairman of the Pastor’s and Elders council of Greater Maryland First Jurisdiction.

In August, 2007 he begin a ministry in Western Maryland. He is the Pastor and Founder of Rehoboth Ministries Church Of God In Christ located in Lisbon, Maryland. He lives his life as an example for all to know CHRIST is the answer to overcome all things. As Pastor, teacher, and mentor, he believes it is his responsibility as a leader in the body of believers to prepare servants of the LORD: to love God, their families and to trust in the principles of the Bible, to believe in the necessity of the filling of the HOLY GHOST, and to live a life that is pleasing and acceptable to our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. He emphasizes the urgency to lead and position ourselves toward the battle and not withdraw, nor reflect the blending as a chameleon. We are the head and not the tail, we are above and not beneath, for by the power of GOD we can run through troops and leap over walls. Therefore, we shall go into the hedges and bi-ways and compel others to come to the fountain and drink of the living water and thirst no more.

In July, 2006 Elder McMillan was appointed as Chairman of the Jurisdictional Presidents for the International Youth Department, by the International Youth President, Superintendent Michael E. Hill, Sr. He understands the demand is more needed than every for a continued focus on salvation for our young people to seek the LORD and live a HOLY GHOST filled life. He believes in the speaking in tongues, fasting, praying, and encourages and promotes our young boys to stand up and be “Young Men of Valor” and our young girls to come forth and be “Young Women of Excellence”. He inspires all to remember the days of our youth and the mercies of GOD and seek an understanding for knowledge to lead the youth of today to be an anointed leader of GOD.

Elder McMillan has first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing the family in the 21st Century. He was married to the late Brenda Mae McMillan, and the LORD blessed their union by adding to them two daughters Kimberli Harkless, Julia McMillan, and one son William E. McMillan, III; one son-in-law; Darnell Harkless, two grandsons, Darnell Jr., Derek and one granddaughter Aria’ Jolie.

As a young child he was taught to love his family, but more importantly to love GOD. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland to the late William E. McMillan, Sr. and Mother Fannie McMillan. He is the sibling of three brothers: Michael (deceased), Tyrone and Howard and two sisters Carlillian and Kathleen.

Professionally, he is the Chief of Police for the Maryland State Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Police Force, and Chaplain of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #37, National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Officers, and several other organizations designed to promote safety and protect the citizens in the state of Maryland and the United States of America.


Elder William E. McMillan, Jr.

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